Daily 30 Minutes Routine Acoustic Guitar Practice For Beginners

Daily 30 Minutes Routine Acoustic Guitar  Practice For Beginners


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How to practice 

 Practice is essential to any creative discipline. To make steady progress with your instrument, consistent, deliberate, regular practice is necessary. The following are some suggestions for maintaining a healthy practice routine:

 1) Designate a regular time and place to practice – 
preferably away from other distractions such as the television or stereo or any other background noise.

2) Have a goal
 It may be a new scale, exercise, or the first few bars of a new song. Start with a warm-up exercise, then play something familiar. After you’ve loosened up to play, begin working toward your goal.

 3) Reward yourself –
 Don’t practice for too long without a break. If you begin having trouble concentrating, take a few minutes to stretch and get a drink.

 4) Don’t give up –
Skills take time and effort to develop. Practice may seem tedious at times, but diligent, steady progress is the only way to develop solid musicianship.

Sample practice

 Warm-up 5 min. 

Familiar song 5 min.

 Lesson 20 min. 

“Remember the direct correlation between time spent in practice and ability to play.”

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