Thursday, May 3, 2018

Guitar Basic Lesson When You Start Learning Guitar

Guitar Basic Lesson  When You Start Learning Guitar

Guitar  Basic

First you have to know which type of Guitar you Are Using to Play.
There are Two types Use Mostly

1. Electric Guitar

2. Acoustic Guitar

And these another types are divided with Sound Quality and Bass.

Guitar Parts Basic 
 Tuning Keys

Top on the Guitar Here is Tuning Keys Which is used for Tune the Guitar.
Here is Six Tuning Keys in Standard Guitar.


After Tuning Keys Next Part is Nut Which is the main part of every Guitar if we remove the nut you can't play guitar without  Nut. Because  Nut Hold the Guitar Strings and make sure Sound are Good.


Fret is the Area on the Guitar Where you can make a Chords and play a unique sound . We also called it Fret Board.

 Fret Marks

Fret Marks make a mark which Tab you are placing finger or make a Chord in different Fret.


Bridge is also main part of guitar like Nut. Bridge make a area where you can place the Strings.


Strings are main in Guitar Without String you can't think about Guitar.
The Standard Strings in Every Guitar is Six


Pick is use for playing Guitar

 Sound Hole

Sound Hole is Make Guitar Sound.

these are the main basic part which you have to know about if learning Guitar.
There are too many parts in a Guitar which you can  learn when you start playing Guitar as Well you know.

 In The Next Article We Learn About The Guitar String And How To Tune A Acoustic Guitar.

We Will Be Back Soon.